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How we do it

Our tools, our integrity

The key to our success is through our consistency and attention to detail from our tool maintenance to our loyal field personnel.

NDD is proud of our tool reliability and believe this to be one of our greatest assets to date. Currently have over 3000hr mean time between failures (MTBF) with our EM MWD System. This success and remarkable MTBF is directly related to our MWD manager and our loyal experienced field personnel and their strict attention to details and stringent maintenance program. NDD also provides @ bit technology. The @ bit sub is designed to work with the NDD EM MWD system. The @ bit offers our client inclination and focused gamma only 18” back from the bit. Some of the other advantages of this sub are true @ bit RPM. The @ bit tool has the ability to transmit a signal up to 60’or more to our standard EM system. Then our main EM system will compile that data into a customizable packet and transmit the info to surface real time. The @ bit signal will not affect the signal of our standard EM system and you will get not only the @ bit info but the info from our standard EM system. The @ bit system will provide geology with the needed control for optimal wellbore placement and allow for accurate geostearing, reduce the need for unnecessary sliding and increase the overall ROP reducing rig time.

Our Short Radius Motor provide an alternative to the standard bit to bend motor for the areas where build rates are not easily achieved, thus allowing the client to plan a more aggressive build to capture more reservoir, and continue drilling ahead with rotary in a new and ever popular monobore design without tripping out of the hole. Another benefit, is it can be configured as with a fixed housing as with adjustable housing to reduce the need for excess motors on location. This advanced technology allows us to complete the well with one motor providing savings to our client.

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Performance + Reliability 

Every motor built is optimized for performance and longevity – we employ software tracking that helps us select the best combination of components for the run ahead

  • Rotor and stator fit is carefully selected for best performance and durability

  • Driveline components are chosen based on wear percentages to ensure maximum life.

  • Fixed Housings are carefully measured for angle and pad height to ensure consistency

  • All other fits and tolerances are carefully monitored and analyzed to ensure we can continually see what works and where to make changes.

  • Robust 5.25” balanced, zero bypass motors

  • Short bit to bend motors 1.2” to 1.5”

  • Highest quality driveline materials with hardened steel ball pockets and High tolerance Italian Drive balls

  • Power sections are Goldeye 3rd party inspected with precise measuring tools and high definition borescope

  • Power sections custom fit specific to drilling conditions

  • Short bit to bend on the 5.0” and 6.5” motor options:

    • 1.20” bit to bend on 5.0” Short Stack

    • 1.50” bit to bend on 6.5” Short Stack

  • Power section: Goldeye 3rd party inspection on all stators with High-definition borescope and precision measuring tools - perfect for analysis, but also for confidence in re-running.

  • Driveline:
    • Gas Nitrite for hardness and corrosion resistance on driveline components
    • Adaptors have strict service life tolerances and are kicked out well ahead of their usable life span to ensure adaptors used have maximum life for every run

    • Italian Drive balls are used – these use the highest quality bearing steel and tighter dimensional tolerances to ensure maximum life on each run

All Motors
  • Thrust bearing cages are welded ID and OD for improved durability

  • Dual pad fixed housings for durability / longer life

  • Hours on components are monitored and hour limits are strictly adhered to, ensuring a part doesn’t become too fatigued or overwhelmed by difficult to diagnose damage.

  • Tight tolerances adhered to on all parts (all part measures are closely monitored)

  • Highly experienced shop personnel with average 20+ years’ experience.

  • We employ 2 certified 3rd party inspection companies to inspect our equipment that alternate on and off every 2 weeks – to keep all inspections at peak level (more than 1 set of eyes on all equipment)

Performance + Reliability 


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The sensor utilizes a proprietary flux-gate magnetometer design and high-grade quartz-hinge accelerometers for excellent precision and stability. High-reliability electronics packaging and printed circuit board mounting, provide an extremely robust instrumentation assembly with industry-leading performance.

The unit communicates through a simple serial TTL/CMOS interface using a proprietary protocol, which can be easily configured to provide the appropriate data as required by the customer. A single polarity power supply, operating across a wide voltage range, further simplifies the integration of this module into the customer’s MWD/LWD system.

The Orientation Module is designed for extreme downhole oilfield environments, qualified for high temperatures and drilling shock and vibration levels - designed for reliability under the most demanding of environments.


• Integrated microprocessor and fully computed angles

• Low power consumption

• Proprietary serial communications protocol

• Robust and reliable assembly

• Programmable communications protocol

• Mechanical and electrical interfaces engineered to suit the application

• INC, AZI, TF, MTF, Temp, Gt, Ht, RPM, and Rotation detection


• MWD/LWD Borehole Surveying

• Direct replacement of existing sensors

• OEM implementation in LWD systems

• Wireline directional surveying


• Increased accuracy and stability

• Highly integrated and robust assembly

• Fully computed data

• Experienced and dedicated support team

• Simple interfacing for integration into MWD system

• Reliable ‘hot-hole’ performance (available in both 150°C and 175°C


Our high speed pulse EM-MWD features dual gamma sensors (~9.5m and ~13.5m behind bit) and exceptional reliability of up to ~3500 hours MTBF with zero survey time. 

​This EM-MWD also features: ​

  • Upgraded Rugged Dipole and mounting system for high flow rates

  • Multiple battery configurations for extended drilling days

  • Underbalanced drilling, shock/vibe, Pressure, Slip Stick and Rpm monitoring


 At bit Technology

This new LWD sensor provides at-bit azimuthal gamma ray and inclination measurements only 18” from the bit. The result is improved geosteering, and optimum well placement. This combined with the speed, versatility and reliability of our EM MWD system provide the most versatile and accurate survey system on the market today. The sensor sub can be mounted with any New Discovery positive displacement motors below the bit sub.  It is a powerful robust tool for drilling long horizontals and staying in the pay with the increase in geological demands. Other key features of the tool are its ability to measure the actual RPM, shock and vibration at bit as well. This will prove to be very valuable  in determining the prober motor and bit selection for a particular area that have caused premature bit fatigue and motor failure therefore reducing cost for the produce by avoiding damages and premature trips.


Discovery Drilling Tools

• Available in 5.125" and 6.5" sizes

• Provides accurate inclination and rotation

speeds at the bit, up to 250 RPM

• A zimuthal gamma ray provides clear "up"

and "down" readings

• Seamless, wireless link to MWD system

• Operates exclusively with APS MWD systems



• Geo steering in tight formations and long laterals

• Collision avoidance situations

The Model 600 Near Bit Sub is designed to be used with the APS Model AP250 Electric Dipole System. The Near Bit Sub enables measurement of inclination and gamma count data approximately two feet behind the bit. Data is wirelessly transmitted around the downhole motor to the Electric Dipole System. Received data is decoded by the Electric Dipole electron­ics, where it is logged and periodically transmitted to the surface. The inclination is sent continuously to the MWD system even while the drill string is rotating, and tracks very closely with the inclination measure­ment in the MWD system located above. The Azimuthal gamma sensor in the Near Bit Sub collects gamma counts while rotating and places this data into 1 of 8 bins. System software then tabulates the counts that correspond to top and bottom bins, and sends "up/down" or "high/low" information to the MWD System so that drilling decisions can be made in real time. The 5" sub has four packets, one each for inclinometer, gamma, transmis­sion electronics, and battery. The 6.5" sub has five packets, with the same contents as the 5"sub, but with an extra battery. Battery life is typically between 80 - 120 hours per single battery stack. 

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